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Some people get blisters from high heels. We get blisters from blades.
Some people look good while working out. We gave up a long time ago. 
Some people walk for an hour a day for their fitness. We walk that far to get to and back from training.
Some people run 5k a week. We run 5k to warm up.
Some people have friends who do their sport. We are a family.
Some teams train together. We are constantly trying to beat each other.
Some people love showering after a workout. We dread the moment shampoo comes into contact with our hands.
Some people throw up after their workout. We throw up during, then get right back on the erg and carry on.
Some people stop when they feel lactic acid. We have sessions based around getting to our lactic barrier as fast as possible.
Some people like the erg. We know anyone who likes them is not using them properly.
Some people work out to love their body. We push our bodies to a state that would destroy most.
Some people pass their pain barrier. We know from experience there’s more than one.
Some people like their sport. 

We row.

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